Life Update in Pictures

I’ve been mostly missing from social media for the past four months, so I’ll start with a few pictures to catch you up. (Also because I feel some unnecessary guilt for not posting these on Facebook…sorry faraway fam and friends…my intentions have been good…)


In June we found out we were expecting #2! He or she is due in February!


Also in June, Sam’s “Grandma Su,” my mom, came to visit from Minnesota for two weeks. Oh, it was so nice to have a grandma around!


In July and August we traveled. A lot. We spent over two weeks in Texas and two weeks in Minnesota.


While in Texas, we saw my bestie and Sam’s namesake, Samantha. I will always love this girl for setting me up with my husband and, thereby, making baby Sam possible. (We also saw lots of other friends and family; I’m just horrible at taking pictures.)


Also while in Texas, Buc and I celebrated our 10th anniversary by staying in a sweet little Bed and Breakfast for three nights. Sam’s other grandma, “Nanny” Margie, babysat. During those couple of days, I used the vacant lounge at the B&B to mostly finish my book. (I resubmitted my manuscript to a publisher earlier this week and eagerly await their response.)

IMG_2758 And I must mention that my husband fulfilled a lifelong dream during this time: purchasing a ’69 Corvette. “Lindsey [#2]” stayed back in Texas where we have garage space, but Buc hopes to move her to Missouri soon. (Here’s a pic of the fam in the new Corvette, riding in the 4th of July parade! Miserable pic of the Corvette, but oh well. It’s my blog, and I like pictures of people better than pictures of things!)MN Beach Pic

In Minnesota, Sam caught up with his other grandparents, Daryl and Juanita (sorry again, major picture-taking lapse), and met many of his cousins at the beach. (Photo courtesy of Manda Tumberg.)Sam and me at the beach

I also celebrated my 31st birthday. We had not been to Minnesota since the last time I was pregnant, or two years ago. It was a very overdue visit.  (Photo courtesy of Manda Tumberg.)KitchenBack in Missouri, needing a more kid friendly place (and with a new baby in mind), we began the process of closing on a house. Here is the new kitchen I can’t wait to move into. (All that counter and cupboard space–yes!!!)


Unfortunately, due to a snafu with the gas inspection, our closing has been delayed, we had to cancel our movers for today, and I am stuck with this for a kitchen for at least another week.


At first I was tempted to cry.


But then I prayed, and God reminded me he is in control. So I will slow down; enjoy the last days of summer; and be thankful that, with all my pots and pans packed, I won’t have to do much cooking for the next week!

Now, with my book manuscript submitted, and with my priorities re-calibrated, I plan to do some blogging again–at least until #2 arrives, at which point I’m sure I’ll take more blogging breaks.

Praying my friends, family, and readers are blessed, as well. It’s good to be back!


4 thoughts on “Life Update in Pictures

  1. ccyager September 4, 2015 / 7:56 am

    Congratulations, Lindsey, on bringing another life into the world next February! Have you told Sam yet? Loved the photos. Welcome back! Cinda

    • lindseygendke September 19, 2015 / 2:37 pm

      Thanks Cinda! Good to be back (sort of). Hope it will become more consistent after we are settled in the new house–and then I will catch up on your blog and others, too. I’ve told Sam, just not sure he understand:) Hard concept for a 20-month-old!

  2. Kate September 4, 2015 / 6:51 pm

    I haven’t been blogging in months, but I was so excited to come back and see this! How exciting! #2! And your book is done! What a great turn of events for you. I am hoping to be back to blogging now, too. Took me about 5 months to get myself situated (somewhat) – but I’m looking forward keeping up on your life! Congrats again, friend!

    • lindseygendke September 19, 2015 / 2:36 pm

      Thanks so much, Kate! Wow, I posted that post, ready to come back on a more regular basis, and now it’s taken several weeks to log in again. We moved right after that post and are still trying to get settled in; hard to get hands on a keyboard these days, but hopefully will do more when settled. Hoping/praying things are well with you!

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