Ending the Pain: A True Story of Overcoming Depression

©Pacific Press, March 2016

Purchase at any Adventist Book Center or online at or

Brutally Honest: Discovering a God You Can Trust with Your Deepest Wounds and Darkest Desires

©Straight 2 the Heart, Inc., 2019. Purchase a hard copy here.

The Hidden Half of the Gospel: How His Suffering Can Heal Yours 

©Straight 2 the Heart, Inc., 2014. Purchase a hard copy here, or the electronic copy here.

Magazine Articles


“Keep Calm and Carry On: How to Stay Peaceful and Stop Worrying.” Vibrant Life, vol. 36, no. 4,  July/Aug. 2020.

“A Two-Step Plan to Finding Purpose, and Focus.” Vibrant Life, vol. 36, no. 3, May/June 2020.

“My Unexpected Mother’s Day Gift.” Mums at the Table, Apr./May 2020 (the Create Issue). (Republished from this blog post.)

“Make Space for God.” Vibrant Life, vol. 36, no. 1, Jan./Feb. 2020. (Special Issue: 20 Ways to be Healthier in 2020.)

“How to Break Free from the Perfectionist Trap.” Vibrant Life, vol. 35, no. 4, July/Aug. 2019.

“My Blogging-Parenting Journey.” The Adventist Review. May 2018.

“You’re Invited, Dad: Making Peace with my Father” (cover feature). OUTLOOK Magazine. Mar. 2017.

“Jesus, Save Me! Fighting Depression with Discipleship.” The Adventist Review. Nov. 2016.

fall 2014 cover“New Life from Old Roots” (cover feature). The Flame. Fall 2014.

“Lessons Unplanned.” The Adventist Review.

“Putting Away Childish Things.” The Adventist Review. Jan. 17, 2013. 

“The Only Way.” Insight Magazine. Aug. 2012.

Web Articles

“Working from Home with the Kids? Here’s a Glimmer of Hope.” Mums at the Apr. 9, 2020.

“After a Successful Career, I Had Trouble Becoming a Mum.” Mums at the Nov. 19, 2019. (Republished from this blog post.)

“A Space to Heal: The Church’s Greatest Need?” Ending Pretending Blog. Apr. 20, 2018.

“When Life Feels Too Hard to Handle.” Ending Pretending Blog. Feb. 9, 2018.

“I Thought I Could Never Tell. I Was Wrong.” Ending Pretending Blog. Feb. 2, 2018.

“Measuring Up in God’s Eyes: The Struggle to View My Body, and My Beauty, from God’s Perspective.” OUTLOOK Magazine Online. Aug. 8, 2017.

“Why You’re Addicted to Porn . . . And How Jesus Can Relate” with Paul Coneff. March 25, 2015.


“My Childhood Backyard” in The Ottertail Review: Stories, Essays, and Poems from Minnesota’s Heartland, Ed.Tim Rundquist, 2003



3 thoughts on “Publications

  1. Bob Chance March 20, 2017 / 5:19 pm

    Dear Lindsey:

    Thank you for sharing your story. The best thing I can take from it is that it has given me reason to do some deep soul searching myself. No doubt there are many painful (and shameful) things in my past that I have never really dealt with. And in reading your book it seems that if I haven’t dealt with them than I haven’t really allowed Christ into my heart. As soon as I can I am also going to purchase Paul’s book. I don’t know if I can do this on my own and I don’t feel as though I can trust anyone with such personal things. Perhaps the books you and Paul have written can help. I do believe that your book, “Ending the Pain” has at least made me realize that I need help. I don’t have it all together as some people may think I have. Kind of like your brother’s testimony. If you would, say a little prayer for me and the Lord would lead me in what I must do. Thank you and God may bless and continue to use you to help others.

    • lindseygendke March 21, 2017 / 9:02 pm

      Bob, thanks for taking time to write this thoughtful comment (and read the book). Sounds like you have already started to do some soul searching, and your heart is in the right place. I like how Paul Coneff puts it, that our deepest pain can become our “goldmine for grace,” or our greatest opportunity–personally, and evangelistically. I was at a seminar with him once where he described how abuse victims, when they allow Jesus to heal them, can now have a ministry to other abuse victims, etc. What was once our deepest source of shame and pain can become a great joy as we allow Jesus to use our mended wounds to minister to others. I guess that’s one good reason to go to those deep places: when we get healed and share God’s work in our lives with others in the same struggle, we make an impact like we couldn’t make otherwise. We live out what “new life” looks like in those deeply hurt places. That’s a profound testimony! I am saying a prayer that God will lead you, and possibly lead to a group, or a person, who might be able to help you through this. Here’s another blog post I wrote to help people know what to share, when, and with whom. God bless you! Sounds like you know Kyle?

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